All photos were taken in the Hampton Waters area by Arthur Beckenstein. Click on photos to enlarge...

White Tail Deer on Three Mile Harbor

Mute Swan Mother & Signets - May, 2015  These are not native to North America.  They were first introduced to this continent by someone living on Lake Agawam in Southampton Village.

Fall Bird Migration on Three Mile Harbor

Male turkey courting female

Great egret can grow to 38" tall

Canadian geese on Three Mile Harbor

Osprey nest on HWPOA common property island

Cooper's Hawk - an accipiter.  It is fast and agile, and catches smaller birds.  It often perches near bird feeders to catch a meal.

Common Loon

Native shoreline sea shells

Blue Heron

Mussels on Three Mile Harbor

Great Blue Heron - most common here in winter.  It does not nest on Long Island.  Although, it does nest in CT, Westchester, NY, and NJ.  Why not Long Island is a mystery.


Fall Maple Leaves

Virginia Creeper in fall - a native vine.

Great Horned Owl - the largest local owl that nests here.

Bittersweet.  There is a native species but, most of it in the Hamptons is the Asian species (Oriental Bittersweet) which is very invasive.

Porpoises in Three Mile Harbor - June, 2016

Horseshoe Crab

Golden Rod